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My most favorite childhood time of my life ever! by DarkRoseDiamond123 My most favorite childhood time of my life ever! by DarkRoseDiamond123
I told you all before that this is my most favorite childhood memory ever in my life! :happycry::) Was when I first loved the Gangreen Gang back during the summer of 2002 when I was 8! :omg: During that same time, I went to a camp called Butler Camp that I drew in this pic as well! It also had a swimming pool there that is shown behind in this pic! Here's the link for this website BTW!:pc::windows: And I would think about the GGG when I was there at the time! :love: What I wrote on the steps there are just things I loved during that same time also, which were (as you already know) the Gangreen Gang, Butler Camp (where this picture is at), that kids music ablum called Sing Me A Story by Bob McGrath, those PPG books that had the GGG in them during that time, and ABBA! :cd::tunes::music: Some of the books were the PPG Look And Find, No Girls Allowed, and Bought And Scold! :bookdiva: The Winner Takes It All and Gimme A Man After Midnight are songs from ABBA! And Fishin For A Ticklin and Everyone Asked About You are songs from Sing Me A Story! :) You probably never heard about that album! But here is a page that has the tracks for it!:giggle: lol It is a kids music album and I don't care how old I am! I think the only reason why I still like it is because it always reminds me of my most favorite childhood time of my life I am talking about right now! :laughing:

That picture up above where the Butler Camp logo is is a picture of me during that time! :) That's what I looked like during this time of my life! That was when I was 8 in 2002 at the time in that pic! :dance::D lol :camera:

And also as you know, here is my sexy Snace video with the song Gimme A Man After Midnight I made last year! :heart:
Stamp After Midnight by kalot3000

Ahh the most favorite childhood time ever I mostly cherish! :date::happycry:
Gangreen Gang has been in my heart for 10 years by ComeAndJoinTheBand

I even made a Tumblr post about this! See it here!:icontumblrplz:


I even taked about it a lot in this journal here from last year! :hug:

And this one too!:D

And also BTW, don't forget to like me on Facebook if you haven't already! :facebook:

Anyways, this is my whole favorite childhood memory ever of myself I always kept talking about! :happycry::tighthug::love:
*EDIT* AceSnakeRox16 was my old username! That's why it's signed with that!    
BlueMoonScorpio Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
wow you're favorite memory was when they first came around.
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